Providing water treatment solution for optimum system performance


Water is used by boiler to generate steam which is the primary energy transfer medium for power generation, industrial processing and space heating. Boilers with more sophisticated design, larger capacity, higher condensate return, higher operation cycle and complicated external treatment are prevailing nowadays. As a result, total water management is required for steam generating system that comprise of pretreatment, internal treatment and condensate line treatment in order to minimize scaling, corrosion, sludge deposition and boiler water carryover. Choosing the proper water treatment programs help to minimize or prevent these problems.

Cestchem Boiler Water Treatment Solutions include :
Sludge conditioner
Alkalinity builder
Scale inhibitor
Corrosion inhibitor
Oxygen scavenger
Condensate line treatment
Silica dispersant
All in one programs

Return of investment :
Enhanced heat transfer
Prolong equipment durability
Minimize unscheduled outages
Optimize team output
Reduce maintenance cost

Formulations for control of scale and corrosion for a variety of makeup water chemistries are available on request.