Providing water treatment solution for optimum system performance

About Cestchem

Cestchem Sdn Bhd is one of the leading solutions providers in water treatment. We provide sophisticated water treatment solutions by supplying chemical formulations for boiler water, cooling water, waste water and reverse osmosis systems. Our staff is equipped with profound knowledge that in turn allows Cestchem to provide our customers with high quality and cost effective products.

Cestchem is built on the notion of strong work ethics and a positive work attitude that strives to meet your needs. Our services are reinforced by a workforce of skilled and experienced personnel that is able to provide a reliable chemical supply chain, precise information concerning water treatment and assist you in complying with environmental and food safety regulations.

Cestchem grows with you! We believe in continuously improving our services and systems with a view to developing our water treatment solutions that can fulfill your demands and requirements.

With a team consisting of experienced chemists and engineers, Cestchem is especially meticulous when it comes to treatment products and service excellence. The company have experienced personnel stationed throughout the ASEAN region to provide relevant, innovative and value-added consultancy and technical services to major players in the following industries:

  • Palm Oil, Edible Oil and Oleo Chemical Processing
  • Electronics Assemblers and Manufacturers
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Petroleum Refinery and Chemical Processing
  • Steel
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Automotive

Cestchem is commited to identifying the needs of its customers and fulfilling them through the effective application of specialty chemicals and technology. The company strives to enhance the profitability of businesses by providing solutions that add value to their operations and bring an acceptable return on investment.