Providing water treatment solution for optimum system performance


A successful cooling water treatment must address scale, fouling, corrosion and microbial control. Cestchem cooling water treatments employ a balanced approach of scale and corrosion control based on a careful appraisal of water quality and operating conditions. Our cooling water treatment program can be applied to virtually any cooling system with any type of make-up water. Proper application of water chemistry for a given system ensures a clean heat transfer surfaces that are free of corrosion and scale, and operates at maximum efficiency.

Cestchem Cooling Water Treatment Solutions include :
Corrosion Inhibitor
Scale Inhibitor
Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor

Return of investment :
Enhanced heat transfer
Extended equipment life span
Reduce maintenance cost
Reduce electricity load
Saving in make-up supply

Formulations for control of scale and corrosion for a variety of makeup water chemistries are available on request.